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Communicable Disease

Preventing and controlling the spread of disease is at the heart of much public health work. From influenza and Lyme disease to malaria and Ebola, outbreaks of infectious diseases can have an extraordinary impact on human health.  There are many ways to prevent the spread of disease. Vaccinations have helped eliminate or greatly reduced disease threats. Kids, teens and adults should all be protected and stay up to date with their recommended immunizations. Proper hand washing, especially before and after handling food and using the toilet, helps keep germs at bay.
Other important ways to slow or stop disease transmission are by ensuring the food we eat and water we drink is safe, avoiding people who are sick and practicing safe sex.

A Guide for School Administrators, Nurses, Teachers, Child Care Providers, and Parents or Guardians  can be downloaded.

Many people believe we only investigate STD/HIV when we investigate so much more.  To see a comprehensive list from Missouri Department of Health click here