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Environmental Health

We are ready, willing and able to help in any number of ways 24/7.

Our services require us to be able to respond to an emergency at all times.

Environmental Public Health Services are more than just ‘health inspections’.  Water quality, wastewater, lodging, food and emergency response all fall on the shoulders of local EPHS staff.  All food establishments must have a permit and inspection before opening.  All wastewater systems/repairs are required to be done by a registered installer and have a valid permit.

Dallas County Emergency Response ordinance,  Wastewater ordinance (click here) and Food ordinances (click here) can all be found by clicking on the ordinance

Food inspections are more than just restaurants-Convenience stores, supermarkets, mobile food truck all fall into our jurisdiction   Results are published (click here)

Septic Systems also known as wastewater treatment systems are used by about 25% of all homes in Missouri.  Systems that are not operating correctly can create a health risk.  For more information (Environmental Factors) or call 417-345-2332 ext 102

Lodging Inspections are done by local public health staff.  Over 1400 commercial lodging establishments are regulated throughout the state.  In Dallas County that includes campgrounds, hotels, motels and cabins.

Safe clean drinking water is vital to everyone.  Bacterial testing is available at our office for $15.00 and results are ready next day or you can send your sample to the State Public Health Lab in Jefferson City.  There are a number of websites that can explain more in detail (Drinking Water)