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Shape Up Dallas County

Please read the enclosed

Reporting (Weight loss and/or Activity): The Shape Up Challenge begins Friday, March 20, 2020.  All participants participating in the weight loss division will need to weigh in on this day at either the Dallas County Health Department between the hours of 8:00am-noon and 1:00pm-4:30pm or at the Dallas County YMCA between the hours of 5:30am-6:30pm. (Unless you work at a place of business with scales and other arrangements have been made, IF you are weighing in somewhere other than the health department or the YMCA, YOU are responsible for e-mailing your weights/reports to me @ Rachel.Badgett@dallascountyhealth.com.) Participants will need to continue weighing in each Friday through May 15, 2020.  Participants participating in both divisions can report their activity/lifestyle challenges at the time of their weigh in.  (If you are planning to weigh-in at the Dallas County Health Department, weigh-ins take place in the front office.  I am out of the office occasionally.  I will leave blank reporting forms; they can be filled out and dropped into the reporting basket.  I will be present for initial, and most weigh-ins and I will show you at the first visit how to use the scales; however, any DCHD staff member will be happy to assist you in my absence.) Also, there will be a dropbox for weigh-in forms at the YMCA, you can weigh-in yourself and drop completed forms in the box; if you need assistance with weigh-in please ask a Y staff member to assist you.

*For participants participating only in the activity/lifestyle division you will begin recording results March 20, 2020 and report weekly-your first reporting day will be March 27, 2020.*

 Lifestyle Challenges: Lifestyle challenges will be held every week and are optional.  Each week, at weigh-in (or activity reporting), you will need to report if you completed the weekly lifestyle challenge.  Anyone that completes a weekly lifestyle challenge will have their name placed in a drawing for a prize. * Lifestyle Challenges are enclosed.*

Weekly Minimum Physical Activity and What’s considered physical activity?: Minimum weekly physical activity requirement is 10,000 steps at least 4 days each week OR  at least 45 minutes of activity 4 days each week. (you do not need to complete both, simply choose one option, or any combination of the two).  If you plan to track steps you will need a pedometer, phone app or wrist based tracking device such as a fitbit, vivofit, etc.  If you opt for the physical activity requirement, this physical activity needs to be 45 minutes Above and Beyond your normal daily routine, not simply activity completed as a part of your normal work day.  If you have a job that requires a lot of physical activity, the option of tracking steps might be a better fit for you.

Weight loss percentage: Weight loss percentage is calculated after your weekly weigh-in (weight information is confidential and will only be seen by DCHD weigh-in staff or YMCA weigh-in staff-if you ask for assistance for weigh-ins at the Y).

Prizes: Three Grand Prizes will be awarded, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in weight loss division.  First prize is $25.00 gift card, second prize is $15.00 gift card and third prize is $10.00 gift card.  T-shirts will be awarded as weekly prizes (shirt sizes will be collected in the event that you should be a weekly prize winner).  Three prizes awarded weekly, one for each division (activity, lifestyle and weight loss; weight loss-figured by percentage and activity and lifestyle- awarded by drawing).  The total value of a weekly prize package is about $5.00-$10.00.  All prizes will need to be picked up at the Dallas County Health Department.

 *Amp Up Your Shape Up*: Is an optional addition to you Shape Up Dallas County Challenge.  The University Missouri Extension will be offering weekly Amp Up Your Shape Up Sessions.  Any participant who reports participation in a weekly Amp Up Your Shape Up session will earn three extra entries into the Lifestyle Drawing that week.  You may attend none, one, all or any number of Amp Up Your Shape Up sessions but they are not required.  There is an enclosed sheet with additional info on the Amp Up Your Shape Up Sessions.

Helpful Hints: Writing down everything you eat a drink daily is very helpful during a weight-loss journey.  You can also track your food and calorie intake online: www.choosemyplate.gov and choose the, Super Tracker option.  You can get your recommended daily calorie intake and track your food intake and calories burned through physical activity.  This is not required, but helpful.

Also continuing accountability after the challenge has ended is helpful.  Participants are more than welcome to continue weigh-ins at the Dallas County Health Department after the challenge has ended.

Please direct any additional questions to Rachel Badgett, (417)345-2332, ext. 103 or Rachel.Badgett@dallascountyhealth.com

Amp Up Your Shape Up

Provided by University of Missouri Extension Dallas County



Week 1 (March 20th)- Walk with Ease program introduction. Informational meeting to go over program, distribute workbooks and address questions

Week 2 (March 27th)- Food Demo! Recipes showing you how to sneak fruits and vegetables into your daily lifestyle

Week 3 (April 3rd)- Grocery Store Tour(s) held @ Woods Supermarket (Tour Times TBA)

  • Tips for calculating and using unit pricing, whether or not it’s listed on the shelf tag
  • What to look for on food labels
  • How to decipher food label terminology
  • Three ways to purchase produce

Week 4 (April 10th)- Protein Portion Sizes, Looking at Plant vs. Animal and information on Supplemental Protein.

Week 5 (April 17th)- MU Extension Human Development Specialist Amy Bartels will be presenting on mindfulness—Focus to include mindful eating practices as well as how to incorporate mindfulness in the many different faucets of daily life.

(April 24th)- Think Your Drink demonstration and proper hydration practices. How much sugar do you really consume in a regular day? Visually seeing average sugar consumption might surprise you!

Week 7 (May 1st)– Focus on LIFESTYLE Habits and not dieting with HEAL for a Lifetime – Healthy Eating, Active Living

Another possible grocery store tour if there is interest. (Note: participants may participate in tour 1 time only)

*This will be the wrap up week of the Walk with Ease program.

Week 8 (May 8th)- Let’s Get Busy- How to properly increase your physical activity discussing topics such as:

Proper footwear, how long should you warm-up/cool-down with your routine, which routine is right for you, importance of stretching, cardio vs strength training and which is right for you, and more!

The majority of Amp Up Your Shape Up lessons will take place at the Dallas County Area Y on Friday’s from 10am-11am (Grocery Store Tour will take place at Woods Supermarket Buffalo, Times TBA).  If you are not a member of the Dallas County Area Y, you may request a guest pass at the front desk to attend Amp Up Your Shape Up Sessions.  The University of Missouri Extension may Facebook Live some of the sessions so participants may be able to participate via Facebook on those weeks.

For more information regarding sessions please contact:              Allison Gunter

108 S. Maple St., Courthouse Basement
PO Box 1072
Buffalo, MO 65622

Phone 417-345-7551

Lifestyle Challenges

Week 1 (Mar 20-26): Drink 48 oz. of water daily at least 4 days this week.

Week 2 (Mar 27-Apr 2): Continue with challenge one; and eat four daily servings of fruit and/or vegetables at least 4 days this week.

Week 3 (Apr 3-9): Continue with challenges one and two and strive to incorporate more whole foods (food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances) into your diet.  Strive for 25%-50% of your diet to be whole foods at least 4 days.  (Read food labels and strive for foods that have ten ingredients or less)

Week 4 (Apr 10-16): Continue with challenges one through three; and eat one serving of protein at least 4 days (3 oz of fish, chicken, beef, pork; 2 tablespoons peanut butter, one egg, ½ dry beans or ¼ to 1/3 cup nuts)

Week 5 (Apr 17-23): Continue with challenges one through four and take 10 minutes a day for yourself to focus on something you enjoy (i.e. reading, sewing, relaxing bath, painting, meditation, journaling, etc) and start each day with a positive thought at least 4 days this week.

Week 6 (Apr 24-30): Continue with challenges one through six and eliminate all drinks from your diet except water, milk, unsweet tea, black coffee and small portions of 100% juice at least 4 days this week.

Week 7 (May 1-7): Combine challenges from weeks one through seven and record all food and drinks consumed at least 4 days during week eight.

Week 8 (May 8-14): Limit screen time-phone, computers, TV, tablets, etc (outside of use for work) to two hours or less a day at least 4 days this week.

Pay careful attention to serving sizes!

See “What is a Serving?” on the back of this sheet.

Welcome to Shape Up 2020

Please read the enclosed FAQ’s

  1. DCHD and Dallas Co Area Y have teamed up with MU Extension Dallas County to offer you an Amp Up Your Shape Up option; the addition is provided by University MO Extension and is Optional, details enclosed
  2. To increase confidentiality for all clients, Dallas County Health Department weigh-ins will now take place in the front office, across from the front desk, there will be signs to direct you and Rachel will be present for initial weigh-ins (& available to assist as needed/requested).
  3. Lifestyle instead of nutrition challenges
  4. Two options for meeting physical activity requirements
  5. Prizes must be picked up at DCHD
  6. T-shirts will occasionally be awarded as weekly prizes, please select a t-shirt size on the registration form in the event that you are a weekly prize winner.

Looking forward to a great Fall Shape Up 2020

(Everything you need to know about the challenge included on the back of this sheet in the FAQ’s section, if you have further questions contact Rachel Badgett @ 417-345-2332 x. 103 or Rachel.Badgett@dallascountyhealth.com)

Shape Up is NOT designed as a diet plan; Shape Up is designed to assist participants in implementing feasible lifestyle changes over the course of an eight week period.  The goal being; the gradual introduction of healthy habits is something the participant can and will choose to maintain indefinitely for overall health.