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Shape Up Registration

Shape Up Dallas County Registration

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T-Shirt Size:  □ S    □ M    □ L    □ XL    □ 2XL    □ 3XL    □ 4XL     □5XL

(T-shirts will be awarded as weekly prizes, please select a size should you be a weekly prize winner)

Disclaimer:  I understand that I must weigh in weekly on the assigned days to be eligible for prizes offered. I realize that any attempt to manipulate the weights would result in automatic disqualification at the discretion of the sponsors. Only safe and approved methods for weight loss are encouraged. If you have any underlying medical conditions or have never started a weight loss program we encourage you to seek a doctor’s advice prior to beginning the program. The sponsors of this challenge are not responsible for any health related issues that might arise as a result of participation. The goal of this contest is to promote community wellness and encourage healthy behaviors. All results will be final and are indisputable

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