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Welcome to Dallas County Missouri.

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We have vaccine in small quantities.    Please take the survey and when your name comes up on the wait list we will call you with your appointment day/time. 

We are collecting information for those wanting COVID-19 vaccinations

Complete the survey form online    CLICK HERE FOR SURVEY

Missouri COVID-19 Hotline  877-435-8411

On April 6, 2021 the Dallas County Health Department is asking voters to increase our current mill tax of .1005 up to .25 per $100 assessed.   We are looking at constructing new building and adding staff.  Why do we need this?   CLICK HERE to see initial plans 

The original structure was built in 1960 with 3 additions to building and an outside garage for storage.  Out of space.  We have multiple people sharing offices and at our present location we have no room to grow.  Because of the space constraints, we run out of appointment slots to serve clients.  Client services.  We have 1 exam room and 1 lab room.  This means we can only immunize one person at a time.  Between the time it takes to check in, nurse review immunization record, draw up vaccine, give vaccine, record immunization and patients have to wait for 10-15 minutes post injection to watch for any adverse reaction to the immunization.  This takes approximately 30 minutes.  We can do approximately 14-15 immunizations in one day.   When we are doing women’s clinic we cannot offer any other services.  Our vaccine is stored in medical grade refrigerators and freezers.  These are in the exam room because of the electrical wiring.  We have a generator that in case of power outage these vaccine storage units will still have power.  During the 2007 ice storm we lost all our vaccine because we didn’t have a generator.  Our WIC services can only serve one family at a time due to the layout of the building.  We are tasked with providing all services in a confidential environment.  The problem with staff sharing offices is privacy.  When we are investigating a communicable disease outbreak there is the need for strict confidence.   Nurses will counsel clients in the lab room, when it is available.  When doing testing for sexually transmitted infections, clients must use the restroom down the hall then return to the lab with their urine specimen.  It makes for a very awkward situation.   Our water testing equipment is in our EPHS office.  Our inner walls are made of concrete block so trying to change the building layout is not an option.  We have staff that have to eat at their desks if they stay in for lunch.  We have limited bathroom facilities.  Our utility room houses our electric, water, storage and our data center.   Our lobby is small so we ask that only 1 adult comes in with children and all others wait outside.  After our 2nd robbery, we had to add extra door in lobby area and a secured locking system to our employee entrance.   Our vision is to have a building that would include 3 exam rooms, 3 consultation rooms, patient restroom with a pass through to the lab for urine samples, separate lab and vaccine rooms, lobby with public bathroom access, private breast feeding room, nursing station, 10 staff offices (room for future staff), staff lounge w/kitchen, separate mechanical/electric/data from our janitorial supplies, covered parking for curbside vaccinations, a community room with a demonstration kitchen, safe room and inside storage.   We have purchased 1.26 acres just east of Cantlon-Otterness-Viets Funeral Home on Main Street.  Currently we are on approximately .56/acre.  We will have much more parking for clients, separate entrance for those needing EPHS services, expanded staff parking

To see our Vision Click Here

Dallas County Health Department is a community funded public health preventive service provider.  We strive at all times to maximize the use of community resources, to develop high impact programs and interact with community partner and the public in order to improve the health delivery system for Dallas county residents. We set a very high standard for measurable outcomes within the community. We try to lay the foundations for greater improvements for the overall community health.  Through collaborative efforts with a wide array of community and external resources and organizations we are more likely to succeed 

We observe the following as holidays and will be closed   

New Year’s Day,  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Washington’s Birthday, Truman Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Day After, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

There are days that we will be closed for staff training.                                                                 Sorry for the inconvenience